Luciano Mendonca releases his genre-fusing debut album ‘Sign in the Stars’


First emerging as the bass player of bands like Emmerson Nogueira Versao Acustica band in the early 2000s, Luciano Mendonca’s branching out towards solo music has led him far away from those early beginnings. Taking inspiration in each musician he comes across and the journey of life around him, he has a gift for turning the simplest things into sublime musical moments.

A highlight for his solo career so far, Luciano has now released his debut album ‘Sign In The Stars’. With moments of funk-fuelled joy and sprinklings of gritty rock aesthetics, Luciano ties up the vast extent of his genre influences. Some tracks pull audiences towards early 2000s rock nostalgia, others more towards the funk-fuelled soul and experimentalism, with a few additions of folk and indie-pop thrown in for good measure. Telling a self-reflective narrative across these genres, the story of progression and life’s little moments is what holds Luciano together, painting vivid musical tapestries.

Luciano explains, ”Each track in ‘Sign in the Stars’ is a deeply personal reflection, drawn from my own life experiences and emotions. I also have a unique ability to empathize with others’ feelings, allowing me to craft music that resonates with a wide range of emotions, even those I may not personally be experiencing.”

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