Twin Solitaire releases poignant new EP ‘Last of the Line’


Twin Solitaire, the Seattle-based project of songwriter Bryan Hall, has seen steady, sparse releases since his debut in 2020, all self-recorded and produced. A multi-instrumentalist in control of his creative process, he combines meaningful lyricism and elegant indie rock sounds. He captures his influence from the home town he’s spent his life a part of, with elements of rock, grunge, indie and folk all appearing in his writing.

Simple and delicate, Twin Solitaire‘s latest EP ‘Last Of The Line’ is graceful and poignant. Leaving no facade in which his true emotions can hide, the artist sways through his internal thoughts, carried by the instrumentation into a place of introspection and change. This purity of self-reflection pulls the listener into the music, capturing them in the dreamy guitars, acoustic rhythms and authentic vocal performances. Refreshing from start to finish, Twin Solitaire‘s story of love and heartbreak is something we can all relate to, his words making so easy to connect with his experiences, it almost feels as though the music isn’t really for us, it’s for the artist to find that part of himself once again.

The artist explains, ”The songs on Last of the Line dive into subject matter that I haven’t written about in the past – exploring questions about my own mortality, childhood friendships, and the big “what could have been?”. I liked the idea of contrasting the heavier, more introspective lyrics with upbeat arrangements and melodies that best highlight where I’m coming from as a musician, being primarily a guitar player and a singer.”

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