Lula Ladrao by Will Lisil


Are you in for a Latin dance floor banger that’s also a woke and progressive political statement that calls out a government for its widespread corruption? INDIE POP

Will Lisil is a contemporary London-based artist and producer whose extensive cultural background and desire to be a platform for free speech in music have allowed him to handle music distribution for artists from over 5 different countries. Lula Ladrao is a collaboration with Brazil Was Stolen, a movement that aims to expose political offenses carried out by the Brazilian government against its people using music. The result, Lula Ladrao, probably calls Lula da Silva, Brazil’s recently re-elected president, who comes after a time of widespread political unrest in the country. A world apart from being a political commentator, I am here to discuss music. Lula Ladrao is sizzling with Latin beats from a style known as Brega funk that’s extensively popular in the northern parts of the country. With cohesive production featuring a composition that makes a statement while being simple and accessible, drums that sound like traditional street percussion, catchy voices laying political messages in a rhythmic way that would make you thankful if you can’t understand the lyrics, as you’d dance away to them without distraction.

Will Lisil’s message and direction are commendable and brave, his efforts certainly aim to help literal millions around the world, and it helps that in the way, he puts out nice, crisp-sounding, and wholesome music to help. Lula Ladrao is certainly among those.  


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