I Can’t Think by Baaj & Baaj


Baaj & Baaj’s “I Can’t Think” is a melancholic journey to a realm made of doubts, spooky ambiance, and sentimental performance.

The multi-talented musician Baaj & Baaj closed 2022 with his synth-driven track, “I Can’t Think,” which features new wave and Brit pop with a nostalgic touch. The artist does it all himself—the singing, songwriting, and producing and he nails them all, offering variety in his pieces, yet they all have his artistic identity.

“I Can’t Think” is the second track I hear and review after “Sweet Earth.” They both capture different moods and discuss different themes. In “I Can’t Think,” the vibe is gloomy; however, the synth is driven here, giving a sparkly touch next to the uncertain feel.

The instrumentation is playing a big role in drawing out the misty sense, conveying the feel of an unclear head that has entangled thoughts, making it messy and foggy. The pace is medium to align with the dramatic lyricism and the smooth vocals, which offer a vulnerable, touching performance.

From the intro to the outro, there’s a spacy flair that adds a brighter flair. Baaj & Baaj knows how to strike a balance, offering a bittersweet musicality and creating his own cosmic sonic landscape that feels both dark and starry.

If you’re an electronica fan, you’ll appreciate this track, admire the creative artist’s skills, and be extra engaged in case you relate to the yearning sentiments.