M.D.L. by trouble bunny


Trouble Bunny’s debut release strikes almost every box that makes a debut stick out among others. Those boxes are a clear musical vision, and a good execution to it, lyrics that carry a meaning, and an enjoyable arrangement with decent production that make the package crispy and delicious. 

Solo artist trouble bunny hails from Richmond, Virginia. Having previously been a member of bands Captain Scrunchie and Pressed Orchid, trouble bunny is no newcomer to the realms of bedroom-level lo-fi and indie music, and it is a sound she is wholly embracing on M.D.L. 

From the single’s decidedly minimal arrangement to the choice of a synth voice, trouble bunny’s vision to make an exceptionally simple and sparse song is in full effect throughout the song. M.D.L, short for “might delete later”, is a phrase often used on social media when somebody posts a pic they’re unsure about, saying that they might later delete that picture. The phrase has turned into a plea for validation of sorts, as if the poster implores the viewers to tell them how much they like the picture for them to keep it online, seeking their validation over how they look, and it gets used disproportionately females in what is known as ‘thirst traps’. The song is an exploration of the mindset behind a thirst trap, written from the perspective of a beautiful girl who is lacking in confidence. The song’s lyrics are simple, direct, and honest. Not high-brow poetry, but easy-to-follow commentary from the girl’s perspective, which adds a layer of accessibility to the song. 

The song’s progression is wistful, reflecting the protagonist’s mindset, and the glassy, melancholic synth that delivers it, next to the boomy synth bass, is beautifully melodic. There is a compelling contrast between the melodic synth, the trap percussion, and the rhythmically chopped and delivered vocals which creates an immersive confusion between melody and rhythm. M.D.L. is more complicated than what first appears.

M.D.L. is an intriguing and inviting debut from an indie music expert who’s beginning with a discussion of a serious, under-explored topic. The song is a well-crafted endeavor that will be exceptionally easy to get into. Hopefully lyrically, as well as musically.