Rotation by lukx


Lukx, the Belgium-based hip-hop/rap artist just released a new single “Rotation”…he made this song with his dad and it is a very smooth and groovy tune with great vocal flows filling the perfectly balanced 3 minutes runtime…it must have been an incredible experience for the father and son as it is for the audience.

The song has an extremely high-quality polished production, all the elements that went into this song are of the highest tier…

In this song, Lukx talks about self-control and self-improvement on a groovy west coast instrumental…Lukx also says that this song would be a perfect start to a new day.

Vocals and backing vocals are superb, with smooth flows and great vocal performance…

The music production on this one is brilliant…the smooth-sounding brass section is iconic, the muted guitar licks are absolutely moody and the beat section is moving and grooving.

“Rotation” is the result of the father and son…with a mixed cultural background, the duo has Belgian and Swedish roots, they live in Belgium and they create music from their home studio there.

“Rotation’s” lyrics are a smoothly flowing lyrical waterfall along with a musical river created from the mixing of many elements, including RnB, hip-hop, and rap…with maybe some hints of electronic stuff thrown in there…

Lukx and his dad created a delightful ride with their latest single “Rotation”…for me, it’s a hit, they don’t know it yet…but I can see this song playing in clubs and getting featured in movies, easily.

Lukx, Dad, thank you for the awesome music. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with next…we wish you all the best in life.



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