Trust feat.Cherry Morris by Matt the Vessel

Dylan O Sullivan

Christchurch, UK-based rising music producer Matt the Vessel put his soul into the audio interface world with his newest single, ‘Trust’ featuring Vocalist Chris Morris, making it one of the many remarkable musical creations by the artist.

 It is no wonder that Matt succeeded in delivering such a cool musical beat perfect for that car ride along the night city skyline in his latest track, given his newfound determination to leave his mark in the music field. To ensure that, he worked alongside the mixing engineer Geof Swan, known for his previous work with Anne Marie and Charlie xcx. Although this song was delayed for 4 years, it was worth the wait as it radiates energy through its beats like no other. 

 The overall outlook once you listen; is an enlivening electric pop song that feels sweet and intense as the vocalist sings about his trust issues with his loved one in a relatively upbeat mood. The rhythm is catchy and makes you want to dance, with a visible house music element that makes the song extra special from a pop point of view. The musical instruments arrangement includes many altogether with a smooth base, a drumline that matches the quick tempo, electronic sounds that shift the track from high to low towards the end, and notable altered voices made to a separate tune at the back of the song revving up the intensity of the track. Check out this song if you really want to enjoy something in full-blast mode!!


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