Album: Other Words For Dusk by Sotoyoto


The multi-instrumentalist, Uk based; Sotoyoto’s album ‘Other words for dusk’ released on the 22nd of august, the summer of 2021, is a mystical ride into other realms through a 40-minute sonic experience. Composed of 10 tracks, this album is an electronic genre and to be more specific, the ambient dark kind. With this album, all you need to do is press the first track and let it reach the 10th one swiftly, like a record player. Sotoyoto is particularly interested in sound as a concept that is yet to reveal much more than what is on the surface. He is driven by the desire to make listening experiences special and enriching. There is a world of sound, stop hearing and start listening, says Sotoyoto, which is the goal behind the making of this album and what he hoped to deliver.

 With not much time to make music as a filmmaker, this album was created accidentally. The overall sound of the album is hypnotic and dark, as it comes to the end. The name of the album sets a theme; referring to “Dusk” which is the period between complete darkness and the sunset; when the earth is covered in shadows, but beautified by the distant pink and yellow colors of the sky. Each track is slow-burning, with not much complicated musical arrangement. It is just Sotoyoto playing with different sounds. It seems that most of the 6 tracks have a common first layer of the same slow and trance-like sound, and then the second layer of sound would be something that sets a different melody, hence the jumble of emotions felt in every minute of listening. You feel that as the song order passes you are just smoothly transitioning into another feeling.

The names of the songs are very special in the order they are put, like’’ mystical redemption’’  and ‘’ghost in the gong’’. They are all things that speak of what you cannot see, only feel. In the songs at the end starting with the 7th, Haikub starts setting a different tone to the music, one that is suspenseful, darker with more drums, cymbals, and string instruments playing repeated melodies. Notable sounds used would be echoes and a very heavy and distant trumpet as if you are being called by mystical forces from beyond. Signifying beauty and terror with the idea of dusk; the album encourages spiritual endeavors, one that requires separating from what is known, and slowly descending deeper into what is not known or seen, only felt. Disconnect and imagine a landscape of dark woods and a sunset sky as you listen to this spiritful artwork.



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