Monster by Grace & Moji


With their elated sonic signature, atmospheric rhythms, soulful vocals, and introspective lyricism, the married indie duo Grace & Moji are sending out an important message in their latest release, “Monster,” a message that all humans need to hear and embrace because we all need a reminder that we have a dark side and that’s okay.

“Monster” sounds the opposite of its title. It’s light and upbeat, with a warm ray in it. The song invites you to make peace with your demons and dance along with them through irresistible, energetic tunes.

It’s not easy to pick a standout element in this song; all of the elements work in harmony together to give such a soothing, danceable vibe and deliver a meaningful message. The lyrics strike a chord with how sincere and relatable they are. Both writing and performing inspire one to acknowledge their light and dark edges, embrace the unstable curve of healing, and go back to the dark phase again.


The vocals are tender and breezy, sending the message in a dynamic and smooth manner. Choosing the dreamy, bouncy pop was perfect for the theme and spread vibrancy. The entire instrumental compels one to groove along. The contagious guitar riffs, in particular, make one engage seamlessly.

A retro music video with dancing and mirror balls complements the song and invites you to join in. It perfectly captures the energy of the song. Once you watch it, you’ll want to start your own party, dance freely, and sing along, “I’m a monster.”

Grace & Moji clearly wanted to send a touching message, and they succeeded. They wanted to offer an atmospheric piece as well, and they aced it. In a single song, they have the capacity to move both your body and your emotions.