And Now It Comes by The Ari Joshua Quartet


There are types of journeys like inner, spiritual, imaginative, and emotional journeys, and you’ll get to experience them all with The Ari Joshua Quartet’s “And Now It Comes.” It’s not an easy-to-take type of journey; it will dig deep into the darkest part of your memories and the most vulnerable part of your soul. However, enjoying the exquisite sonic landscape will ease the tension a bit.

The Ari Joshua Quartet is the brainchild of Ari Joshua, a Psychedelic jazz-rock guitarist who has released over 100 original compositions. With stellar, seasoned featured musicians, he’s offering us a free ticket to a melancholic yet somehow peaceful journey to inner self through the more than minute mastered track, “Nun Kommt es Werder,” which translated in English, “And Now It Comes.” It’s a bumpy ride as the jazzy, layered composition will unfold some hidden memories and spread some gloomy vibes; nevertheless, as it progresses, it won’t leave you hanging in the darkness; sparkling rays of light will get you out of the shades and make the darkness fade.

“And Now It Comes”‘s overall feel is like the imagery of a glamorous, precious gem glamming in dark shades. Ari Joshua (on guitar), along with Geoff Harper (on bass), Joel Bean (on piano), and Will Lone (on drums), made something phenomenal. This jazzy ballad will make you want to loosen up and lose control for a while; all you have to do is close your eyes and let it take the lead.


It starts off with a dreamy intro propelled by enticing piano notes and soft percussion. The stirring guitar riffs with their well-structured sensitivities are the flashlight that brightens the atmosphere in one way and adds density in another. Each instrument flows smoothly and joins together like waves meeting and ready to go to the shore to draw you into the depths.


After getting some thrills, the tempo slows at 4:20 in a notable manner, and starting at 4:27, I felt like I was hearing a new chapter of the introspective story. A chapter that is filled with both ache and hope. The standout guitar riffs compel you to embrace their grace, and all the other instruments follow their leads to create the soundscape you didn’t know you needed. The straight-forward bassline offers a balance between the bright and dark sides, and the masterful piano notes Swope in with tranquility while the drumming plays its role to add vibrancy and spice things up a bit.

While getting closer to an end, you’ll feel like you are not ready to say goodbye and don’t want to leave this majestic realm. With the track painting out closure and ready to hit its last note, you’ll be getting ready to put it in a loop.


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