Moon and Aries Released Their New Album!


At first, they arrived with their album “The Arrival” (9 songs). Then they activated “Paradise” with a 5-song summer EP. Now they are ready to “Break The Matrix” with their new 9-song concept album.

Jordana Moon and Tom Aries have a deep driving desire to raise the vibrations and activate a higher version of reality with their music.

All 9 songs have a fusion of Electro-Pop, Indie Pop, Cinematic Synthpop, Trip-Hop, and a bit Trance. Are you ready to BREAK THE MATRIX?



The new album (OUT NOW!)

9 unique concept songs: 

1) Illumination Society

2) The Butterfly Effect

3) Never For Me

4) Rescued

5) From Another Dimension

6) Codes And Circles

7) The In Between

8) Closer And Closer

9) Losing Control