Apryll Aileen’s “Catch Me” Encapsulates the Lonely Thrill of Adventure


Apryll Aileen is a classically trained pianist with a touch of science and spirituality; an alt-pop soulful vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from Atlantic Canada. Chock full of captivating lyrics and melodic hooks, her songwriting will leave you saturated in all the feels, wanting to dance but also, contemplate life’s meaning.

Her new song, “Catch Me,” was written from her perspective of being an independent female artist, traveling around the world to share her music and passion with others, but also, always feeling alone on that journey, sacrificing romantic relationships and time with friends. She elaborates, “I could never clearly express this burning desire in me to keep creating and moving forward and it has become much like a double edge sword. I often feel like a musical James Bond with a strong mission and purpose to fulfill, that is not actualized without the sacrifice of living a ‘normal’ life.”

Press via Auteur Research