Moonlight by CHARLES HS


“Moonlight” by CHARLES HS is a deep and mindful indie-pop/indie-rock tune that will provoke a lot of repressed emotions. The emotional vulnerability that Charles sought to show here really shines in the lyrics of “Moonlight”. It gave me a sense that there is some sort of hidden comfort in this panic, and some necessity for this vulnerability to show itself some more.

As far as the music goes, the track has a clean guitar chord progression with a very soothing-yet-melancholic type of strumming pattern. It is further accompanied by Charles’ melodious low notes during the verses, followed by his wailing mid-range during the chorus. The drum arrangement is simple and the distorted guitar lines have some reverb and special production techniques that make them lean more toward post-rock and alternative rock. The melodic guitar solo techniques, on the other hand, made me think that this track is what a breed between blues and alternative would sound like – It’s that much inspired and that diverse, yes. 

Putting into consideration that all of this was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Charles in the comfort of his own home I think it would be fair to say that he is musically experienced, honest, authentic, and most importantly a great songwriter. If you were ever looking for a song that describes (and gives closure) to the concept of unhiding vulnerability and accepting its existence, then look no further because this track has the potential to make you feel all of these emotions, and then some more.


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