Git It by Reue


Reue, like a wizard, a shaman, and a time traveler, combined into one artist, blends psychedelia, future bass, and jungle EDM into a unique and rich sonic experience.

Electronic producer Reue released a deep breakbeat track “Git It” on the 22nd of December from Austin Texas as part of his biweekly released series.

“Git It” starts with a jazzy drum break loop layered with organic-sounding tonal textures and wooden or ceramic percussions. Already interesting from the git-go, the drums slowly are faded away with a filter in what could only be described as Reue pulling the jungle floor from under the listener’s feet, only to bring it back with a melodic and groovy bass line that takes center stage on the drop, and we hear a stripped down —and more powerful— version of the drums without the cymbals and ghost notes, but with a lot more oomph in the kick and snare.

The bass line is performative and captivating, while completely serving the melodic and rhythmic functions of “Git It” and every element in this production is perfectly designed, arranged, and mixed. Even his use of atonal and arhythmic sounds is perfectly placed.

I was deeply mesmerized by the sonic quality of this one element that seems like a complete mystery, and while other producers may shy away from these brave and explorative sound design choices, Reue mixed it in LOUD and PROUD! It is completely audible in the mix and tastefully done, left in as a challenge for listeners to figure out what it is. I think it’s one of those hollow wooden bars hanging on a string type of thing, but I’m 80% sure that I’m wrong.

Reue has been releasing his singles as part of a 27-song biweekly-released series, with “Git It” being number thirteen in that series. I reviewed another track from his series which you can read about here as well.



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