Multiply by Millie Blooms


Millie Blooms is an artist/producer from Monmouth, England. Prior to 2022 she released three Electronica singles but decided to start 2022 with a new persona and sound; mixing the classic 90’s hip-hop and R&B with modern hip-hop. She released three singles ‘Faint of Heart’, ‘DNA’ and ‘Bounce Ya Necks’ before ‘Multiply’. The three singles were a huge success generating more than 200k plays on Spotify.

Blooms wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered ‘Multiply’ with her co-produced, mixed, ed and master engineer Dan Fry. The song starts with a pulsing synth accompanied by a groovy beat and 808 basses. Blooms start the track by introducing herself to the listener and the main theme of independence and empowerment while stating that no one is being disrespected. Her main theme in this song is a celebration of independent artists like her as well as those who work on their projects alone and challenges the stereotype that women cannot work independently.

With simple lingual lyrics powered by her smooth flow, she was able to make the listener understand the song. Furthermore, the neatness of the sound mixing and mastering made everything fall in place together to make the perfect combo.


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