My Only Love by Romain Gutsy


Just how French is it possible to make a piece of music? While it can be easy to make fun of the French’s way of making art sometimes, their excessive fire and outwardly panache in expressing whatever emotion they may be having, one can only do some in a loving and admiring fashion, because it’s the passion of French that paves the way for other, less passionate peoples to make their art.

The Parisienne Romain Gutsy goes all out French here. Somehow removing the cringe factor altogether from a collection of phrases that would sound unbearable from anyone other than a Parisienne troubadour. A true expression of sensual and physical love expressed in a purely musical way.

As a musician, we do sometimes tend to make fun of certain musical cliches as cheesy, and way overused. Romain uses a very major tinged progression here that would be a cliché of those. But the way he makes it work in his favor is exceptional. The interplay between the Flamenco guitar and warm bar atmosphere in the intro soon mixes with a modern electronic beat and an icy, huge string section to create a very novel and unusual soundscape, again, executed beautifully by an expert. One cannot miss the classically laced composition, full of emotive and tear-jerking harmonic passages.

The stunning baritone of Romain Gutsy leads the way here to create an exceptionally unusual vibe. Warm and intimate, while being grand and confessional. A sweet statement to love that easily stands out from the thousand others.


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