Too Pretty by Gxbriel


Straight out of Arlington, US comes to the solo artist Gabriel Caceres, who goes by the name Gxbriel. The artist decided to flex her confidence and beauty in her latest release, “Too Pretty.”

I’m not usually a fan of rappers who make songs in which they brag about themselves and their possessions. But I don’t see why not, at least in one song. It’s their thing, after all. In “Too Pretty,” Gxbriel succeeded in creating a hit that you can hype up on a car ride with your friends. What stands out in the track is the well-rhymed lyricism. I’m not fond of the words’ choices, but I respect that they’re explicit and bold. And it served what the artist wanted to deliver well. She surely was right when she sang: “Got my flow and lyricism down, I’m ready to aim.” I liked how she pointed out the fact that pretty people aren’t weak, and their personality is not just about their looks; they can be strong and stand up for themselves in front of anyone, and that’s clear in bars like: “If you want an enemy, hey Kim! my name is Shego.” I find it smart to refer to fictional characters who are enemies in Kim Impossible.

The peppy beat and confident, glowing, and smooth vocals flow effortlessly together to result in a sound that gets you on your feet. The producer X.O made a simple beat, yet it works fine to make you feel your pulse rate rise along with it. The combination of Hip-Hop and Dark-Pop enhanced the song’s atmosphere and made it more lustrous.

“Too Pretty” may well be a good fit in your summery playlist, car ride playlist, and definitely let’s start a solo party in my room playlist.


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