Never Lie by Jody Vukas


Artist and DJ Jody Vukas based in California, US, just released an explosive house/ techno blend called ‘Never Lie’, on the 1st of March. Expect a lot of teasing, and slow-burn music in those six minutes. Vukas is a longtimer in the techno field with a record label called the distant drum. He has a reputable reputation in the clubland, playing in clubs like Cro bar, Space Miami, and Level. He’s inspired by big people in this industry like David Herrero and Oscar L. 

The song holds a lot of anticipation and excitement with its slow and gradual introduction of sounds and instruments, it will make you go crazy, and that’s how you know that the song is going to be good. The pace is slow but the music is somehow intense and invigorating, with also keeping a chill effect and some low-key sexiness to it. The overall sound of the song is dynamic and it feels like a thrilling trip. The musical arrangement is rich, with lots of the house genre clapping and one steady drum all the way. You’ve got playful cymbals shaking up the beat, dark and sexy drops in music, electrifying sound effects, and distorted female vocals. The artist is always teasing you on the beat. There is also a wide range of electronic percussion on the same wavelength in the music and is ever-changing with each segment in the music. The transitions are easy and very different, which makes you want to keep dancing and moving around. The song is great for movement. 




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