Summertime Sadness by Arstidir

Lisa Nowinski

Arstidir based in TBC, Iceland released a beautiful and distinguished cover of Lana Del Rey’s song “Summertime sadness.” Making it with an indie folk approach, the song is giving wintery and less dramatic sound. It’s so fresh, almost with a new identity because of the interchangeable male vocals of Daniel, Gunnar, and Ragner. They have a new album called BLIK on the way,  and their album Nivalis was labeled indie album of the year in 2019 in the Independent music awards. 

Summer sadness has colder and less dramatic vibes to it than Lana del Rey’s original, and with much happier feelings somehow. You will not really know what you’re feeling at first, but the fact that there are several voices singing makes it really dynamic and loaded with spirit. The overall sound of the song is playful, ethereal, and kind of synth with a little bit of pop. The musical arrangement is so different from the original yet consistent in its message. There are short, playful, bursts of violin, and more lenient and sad violin at the back of the song consistently, giving them a lot of moody texture. There are subtle soft drums and occasional acoustic guitar strums. You’ve got some shaking sound effects and some synthy sound effects too. The song feels fluffy and lowkey in a way. So much magic will be added to your playlist with this amazing cover.




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