Nightmare by Lucas Burn


Rapper and artist Lucas Burn, based in Gdansk, Poland released a smothering new single called ‘’Nightmare’’, on the 21st of October. It’s the official teaser and the third track in his much-anticipated album, which will be released in 6 months. Lucas is a self-taught musician and believes that music is salvation and a perfect way to deal with, communicate and express heavy topics like domestic violence. He hopes that he can spark awareness about battling stigma, shame, and silence around trauma and for people to speak up about their pain. Lucas creates a unique musical palette, blending hip-hop sounds with orchestral ones, paving a smooth street for a strong fanbase.

It is a pretty dark and sorrowful place when you press the play button on this song. Speaking of a personal experience with an abusive household, you can’t help but retract into feelings of fear and anger as you tumble into the gloominess of such horrific situations, and that’s what Lucas’s goal is. Nightmare resembles its name and is a sincere reflection of growing up in an unsafe household. The overall sound of the song is haunting and dark. The rhythm is slow and the track’s main attraction is the daunting violin sound effect as the soundscape. The vocals are intense and anger-charged, with slithery and whispery bar spitting, more like a scary, slow-burn storytelling method. The lyrics are brutally honest. The musical arrangement isn’t complicated, with a lot of orchestral violin sounds that induce some sort of fear feelings and intense drums that play the beat. Notable sounds are gunshot and scream sound effects. This song is pretty well put together as a concept and musical feeling.