Noise Fantasy by Reue


Our beloved wizard of Electronica Reue is back with a brand new, behemoth of a single that explores different tropes of electronic music during its runtime, and manages to emerge quintessentially Reue from the other side. 

Reue is Ethan Reue Berdofe, a native of Austin, Texas, and an influential mind in his local Texan electronic music scenes, where he’s been active from a young age, earning himself the label of ‘prodigy’ from his peers. His brand of electronic music is expansive, inquisitive, and melodic, usually opting for a specific progression or riff to construct music around, then proceeds to fill all the gaps with inventive synths, and infectious grooves, often crafting tantalizing and dense musical atmospheres.

Noise Fantasy is no exception. Here, the composition is minimal and the piece mainly progresses around a tight groove, and synths that get progressively heavier and more abrasive, culminating in a climactic haze of melodic synths and percussion which reminded me of some of my favorite songs from M83. Noise Fantasy is a marvel of production, discovering harsh synths with comfort, while remaining largely accessible, groovy, and fun throughout, never once feeling a little too challenging, or a little too lenient.

One more Reue cut to add to your playlist of electronic music. A talented artist whose vision is always sharp and concise, which most often leads to songs with intent and a defined structure. Even if they sometimes feel like an expressionist paintings, you can always feel Reue songs are telling stories.

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