Perdeu Mané by Will Lisil

Lane Sofig

Artist Will Lisil based in London, UK, released a jaw-dropping hip hop song called ‘ Perdeu Manè’, on the 27th of December that will give you shivers down your spine from how powerful it is emotionally and as a concept. The song is dedicated to Brazil, and it’s in Portuguese language. Will is a producer that focuses on specific kinds of messages to the world, which is making social issues come forth to the light for woolen to become more aware of political and social problems. He is also very experimental with genres which makes this a great way to shift and transition easily and smoothly around the world and transcend space and physical boundaries with his ideas that call for change, peace, and justice.

The song will inspire you to pursue what you are most passionate about because you will really feel the depth of concern Will has for the Brazilian case. Since the new year, the Brazilian nation is forced to elect an ex-criminal for president, who is a dictator with a communist agenda. A very dangerous future lies ahead of Brazil, and Will has the intention of spreading awareness through this amazing song. The overall sound of the song is serious and dramatic. The soundscape is a fast, hip-hop song with a very intense musical arrangement that includes a very heated and fast violin, harsh electronic beats, and heavy drums. The song sends feelings of urgency like there is really something huge being spoken of even if you don’t understand the language which is what says about the powerful production and emotive waves of the song. The vocals are steady raps with passionate and angry feelings. A beautiful way to raise awareness using hip-hop. 



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