Oh, There You Are by John Taglieri


John Taglieri is among those names that will make you wonder how you have not found out about him before. An established artist with tons of singles released and awards awarded, John Taglieri’s latest single is a refreshing left turn that showcase his range and shapeshifting sonic style.

An American singer and songwriter hailing from Hanson, John Taglieri is a pop artist who has released 14 albums and 4 singles to this day. An encompassing artist, listening to Taglieri’s better known songs before ‘Oh, There You Are’ will get your mind twisted that he is capable of the soft, meandering pop of ‘Part Time Lover’, the acoustic balladry of ‘Talk To Me’, or the alternative grudge found on ‘With You I Want To Be’. With the song’s hefty, anthemic, and hard-hitting rhythms, ‘Oh, There You Are’ touches on the blues side of things.

Taglieri’s music is wonderfully produced, creating a lush sound that’s beautifully handled with a dynamic arrangement that relies on Taglieri’s vocal gravitas, a minimal arrangement, and group sung chorus. With a string section making a startling appearance on this kind of song, John Taglieri is also showcasing quite a refreshing vision for arranging his music.

‘Oh, There You Are’, with its distorted guitar stabs, seductive melodies, infectious energy, and heavy-handed beat, make a nice display of Taglieri’s varied skills. A veteran songwriter, Taglieri’s latest single will draw you to listen to more from him, and he will continue to surprise with one different sound after another.