Solid Revolver by Broken Composers


‘Solid Revolver’ might perhaps be designed to be experienced in an audiovisual setting, as Broken Composers engineer their pieces to incorporate sound and vision with performance and architecture to craft unique, interactive experiences with their audiences. Being unable to do so, sonically, ‘Solid Revolver’ is a solid and challenging piece of instrumental electronica that showcases a small amount of what its creators are capable of.

A duo hailing from the Indonesian Bali, Broken Composers are heralding an artistic style that is multi-disciplinary, challenging, and novel. Listening to ‘Solid Revolver’ truly does a lot to reveal the direction the duo is pursuing. Listening to the fragmented rhythms and arhythmic synth stabs, one can vividly picture intricate stage acts with smoke screens and light shows, perhaps even interactive architecture and shapeshifting choreography.

The interactivity and choreography will not be for the faint of heart in any case. In the end, ‘Solid Revolver’ is experimental, bizarre, and abrasive. An acquired taste, the piece will require a seasoned connoisseur of experimental music to truly appreciate the music’s edgy production and thick, satisfying sounds.

Broken Composers are challenging the norms with the uniqueness of their approach, and in that, they are a living embodiment of their mantra. Music not designed for everybody, whoever finds the merits in ‘Solid Revolver’ will truly be in awe of what Broken Composers have built for us here.