One Life (feat. Quesmark) by Brendan Lane

Cassandra Latyak (@latyaklens)

If you like your hip hop punchy and tight, your blues sexy and smoking, and your rap sizzling with a standout attitude, then you’ll definitely like Brendan Lane’s latest fire-breathing single.

Brendan Lane is a Washington DC-based rap-rock artist whose latest single, titled One Life, pushes forward a plethora of stylistic musings carried over from previous eras, like the luxurious, whisper-quiet euro rap, which harkens back to Massive Attack’s Protection era. We also find the sleazy funk and psychedelia fusion in all the wobbly synths, along the tightly compressed drum and bass lines, making this fusion one that’s rich, dense, and entertaining, while paying respect to a healthy bunch of artists and musical eras.

Dominated by a rigorous rock outfit of twangy rhythm guitar, a massive drum kit, thick bass, and what sounds like a dozen keyboards. The featured verse from Quesmark is brilliant. A soulful performer whose passionate delivery calls to mind the crazy vocal acrobatics of CeeLo Green. The lyrics are playful and the attitude is electric, but with a wholesome message to support it, and the masterful production does an amazing job of putting every single element where it belongs; an increasingly important and challenging task as the arrangement gets denser.

Brendan Lane’s One Life is an intoxicatingly fun hip-hop, rock, funk, and rap fusion that’ll leave you wanting more.



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