Only One by Georgia Hoareau


We’ve been quite infatuated with Georgia Hoareau since her February debut EP, which we are still quite fond of. We have found her delicate, yet thunderous, vocals endearing, and we have found her self-written songs and lyrics often charming, and uniformly quite mature. We were not really surprised when we discovered that her latest single, titled ‘Only One’, easily surpassed expectations. It would seem that Georgia is an artist that would often do this.

Based in Australia’s Gold Coast, Georgia Hoareau is a singer and songwriter who is not in any way typical. Her pop music fuses the immediacy of familiar chord structures with sweet melodies on top, with creative soundscapes. She has already displayed her affinity for electronica on ‘GIRL’, and for acoustic pop on ‘4 minutes away’, and on ‘Only One’ Georgia is displaying an affinity for folk.

Once more, Hoareau’s melodies are effective, and her chords easily paint a vivid picture. The expansive mix is rich with cavernous reverb, and the percussion section that blends an acoustic drum kit with a percussive guitar performance is incredibly well executed. A simplistic composition, ‘Only One’ has a few sections that are well loaded with lyrical content and musical nuance, and the results are one more stunning song from a truly talented star on the rise.

‘Only One’ only further establishes Hoareau as a capable songwriter who has a way with words and melodies. On this song, Georgia stuns with a meticulously crafted and peaceful atmosphere that is rich both in sentiment and in purpose.


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