Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah by MICK J. CLARK


 In time for the Christmas season, holistic songwriter, and peaceful voice Mick J. Clark is gracing us with soothing, gentle cut ‘Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah’. Complete with sleigh bells and all, this song about Santa giving kids all of their wishes, except for one, has a grown-up core that makes its nostalgic exterior that much more poignant.

 Based in Croydon, the United Kingdom, Mick J. Clark is one of the nation’s less-appreciated hidden gems. Reading through his streaming figures, it is strange to see how Clark evaded stardom for this long. The million-times streamed artist seems to specialize in holistic, altruistic, and peace-loving topics, that are never removed from the grim reality of the world, merely attempting to see the light through it, and often succeeding, through grace and realness, if nothing else.

 ‘Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah’ is cut with a slower tempo and a deep, buoyant bass line that elegantly wafts the song along with the repeating, ringing guitar arpeggios, doubling as the season-appropriate bells. The lyrics, discussing how Santa is able to give the children everything except for Peace, which is all they wish for, are full of fitting Christmas imagery that further helps the sweet song reach its target of being a joyous Christmas song with a serious edge.

 For a songwriter of Clark’s experience and with his long repertoire, it is not a surprise that he is able to pull off a genuinely warm and sweet Christmas song while managing to embed it with a powerful message that calls for a moment of introspection. Mick J. Clark is -as usual- a reliable artist. 

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