Options by Proklaim


Based in Windhoek, Namibia, Proklaim is here to yet again sway us swiftly with his chill and warm hip hop rhythms with his new song ‘Options’ on the 20th of October. Touching base on political rap, Proklaim really believes in the power of musc to shape society and drive change. His thoughts on music as a way to get voice concerns and get to the people is that music is timeless; it stays forever even after the creator himself is long gone, so there is always a new chance of an idea being re-introduced over and over again. Proklaim’s inspirations include golden age artists such as Biggie and Big pun, and current J.cole and Drake. He also had the opportunity to make an appearance on MTV Base Africa.

Insanely catchy and relaxed, Proklaims bar skills really hook us to the song and get us totally addicted to the beat. Talking about different subjects regarding the world, he flaunts his storytelling skills through his extremely talented way of spitting bars like his life depends on it, finding multiple syllables in one sentence. The overall sound of the song oozes chill, breezy and nonchalant vibes, mainly because of the laid-back beat and the cool attitude of Proklaim in performing the song.

The musical arrangement is a mix of a slow hip-hop base that sounds like a stoner anthem, mixed with a casual guitar sound effect and really soft drums. The star of the melody is a saxophone sound effect that gives this song a jazzy feel too. The vocals are astonishingly fast, Proklaim knows how to set the tone for the best rapper in Africa already. The song’s chorus is really catchy with a transition from really fast rhymes to slow singing mixing up the song for us. You can never get bored with this single!