Our Autumn Day by Milly Mason


Milly Mason could readily be a child star. The 14-year-old from Cardiff has 2 singles out already and they both carry massive potential.

Our Autumn Day, the 2nd release of those 2 singles, sees Milly sing for Autumn Day with her loved ones. A day spent exchanging care and attention, away from those who bring us down, and away from a world that’s gotten too much to handle. A song dominated by the healthy optimism of early teenage years, Our Autumn Day is very bright, both in music and lyrics, so if you’re afraid of the light, consider this a warning. The arrangement and compositions are very simple and flowing, with a driving kick drum beat that, in my humble opinion, needed a lot more snare, and a few sparkly guitars that play perfectly well atop of each other. The true star of the show is certainly Milly’s voice and singing. A capable singer, her voice sounds as strong as any other superstar in the business. Her technique is superb and the accuracy and control speak of a trueborn talent that she has, and her singing alone makes this song worth a listen.

Our Autumn Day is a continuation of Milly Mason’s exploration of her sound and her musical identity. There’s certainly still a long way for her to go, the lyrics might gradually lose the overly optimistic edge, the music might grow more nuanced, and the arrangements might grow more intricate and purposeful, but for what they are right now, they are more than enough. Way to go, Milly, you have an incredible future ahead of you.


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