Right Wing Planet by Rodeo FM


Continuing the rather unlikely trend of amazing country musicians hailing from Europe, the Berlin-based Rodeo FM has a new single from their brand-new album, Right Wing Planet. The titular song is a toe-tapping slow-burner that would get your body in motion if it weren’t for the rather tragic topics.

Politically charged, the song takes a political stance that’s going to be alienating for a good chunk of its listeners. Not here to comment on politics, we’ve tried to pay our attention elsewhere, and thankfully, found plenty of other things worth taking a look at.

Right Wing Planet is a full-blown Country. Chill, kicking beats, fiddles, banjos, the whole deal. The composition is a very syrupy, optimistic one, broken by a single melancholic chord during the chorus, which might be considered a bizarre choice by some, based on the severity of the words, but in my point of view, this contrast gives a sharp edge to the words, making them more on spot for contemplation, and gives the music a tinge of tragedy that wouldn’t have been so easily achieved if the focus was on writing some sad-sounding music.

The arrangement is simple enough, with the drums, a simple bass, some blazing fiddles playing wondrous, tasty solos, and the remarkable, nasal delivery of the vocals. With a solid mix that puts everything in its right place. Despite the politics, the words are, in fact, sweet. Not throwing any shade or blame on any ‘other’, they lament the blatant corruption of governments and sound genuinely concerned about the state of the peoples, and if it weren’t for the clear political stance, they would have been quite universal.

Right Wing Planet is a sweet, enjoyable, chill song, and if you can skim past the politics, you’ll find a core that’s concerned, worried, and relatable… and we advise that you do this.


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