Outta Love by Airyen Vay


Singer-songwriter Airyen Vay released the dance alt-pop song “Outta Love” from Los Angeles, California on the 4th of November

Airyen Vay is now based in Los Angeles, California, but she was born in the north Romanian town of Botosani in 1994 and discovered her musical passion at the young of 9 years old when she started receiving her vocal coaching and learning multiple instruments.

Airyen Vay wrote “Outta Love” to serve as a metaphor for the aftermath of a breakup. The song’s events take place in space to isolate love, hate, and whatever falls in between. 

Knowing that a relationship is “destined to burn” can be a shocking revelation, filled with pain and anxieties of all sorts, and it can feel like a cataclysmic event, like “armageddon”.

The upbeat music, tempo, and melodies completely juxtapose the melancholic and anxious tone of the lyrics. “Outta Love” is a catchy pop song with sad words and happy chords. It isn’t sad nor happy, but it is most definitely heartfelt.

Airyen Vay’s discography currently consists of six singles available on Spotify, and she is currently working on an upcoming single titled “Love Me Like You’re High” as well as her first album.


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