Psycho Chemistry by Energy Whores


The energetic duo Energy Whores released their single “Psycho Chemistry” on the 12th of October, a disco rock song with a political theme.

Energy Whores was founded by American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Carrie Schoenfeld and Italian guitarist Attilio Valenti. The name came from Carrie’s song “Energy Whore” which she wrote back in 2019. In addition to being the singer/songwriter of the band, Carrie is a multi-talented person, as she is an artist and a film producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker. As an artist, Carrie designs the band’s artwork such as the logo and the album art.

“Psycho Chemistry” is an addictive disco song with a political theme that can be described by Carrie as she stated in an interview with Sinusoidal Music “The song is about authoritarian leaders like Trump, Putin, Viktor Orban, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping, (but it’s mostly about Trump). It’s about the personalities of these leaders, narcissistic and delusional with an insatiable need for power”. The song starts off with a catchy guitar riff accompanied by a rotary lead synth and a disco beat in the intro. This develops into a string section ambiance with the disco beat ending with fast strings lead line cueing Carrie to come in. Mixing disco rhythms with electronic instruments and guitar creates a fascinating blend with Carrie’s uniquely expressive voice painting lyrics over the music in an addictive vocal line.


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