Payroll by Oakley Grenell


The son of the late legendary musician and singer “John Grenell,” “Oakley Grenell” has made a comeback with a new track featuring a few artists in this piece called “Payroll” which was released on the 19th of July, 2022. The Grenell family made a memorial concert on the 6th of August, when “John Grenell” passed a few weeks from now on the 27th of July, it touched a lot of people’s hearts and remembered John’s work for his music and the loving life he lived, which Oakley continued the family’s journey in their music career.

The track “Payroll” is featuring the following artists “Stauny Pops” and “Max Shotta” with a piece of incredible music that they all created together that perfectly synchronized with Oakley’s music.

The lyrics of “Payroll” is written by Oakley Grenell, Staun Popham, and Mukudzei Muvezwa. Telling a story about a man who works really hard with minimum days off to put some food on the table and the struggle that man goes through, which is relatable to a lot of us these days. We tend to work hard on gaining money for our comfort and our loved ones, however, we live in this dilemma every day in our life.

Oakley puts up a story behind the lyrics he creates with his music that can never fail to be relatable to what we all can face in our day and puts it perfectly with the ominous music he created for this one. A music lyric video was published with what feels and looks like a Halloween theme of bats and a dark castle in a purple sky.


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