Abstraction in the abyss at Ferris wheel studios by Moli


For those of you who experienced live music as a musician playing an instrument, you’ll not find it hard to understand the feat that is coming up with music on the spot. Not just coming up with the composition, but the arrangement, and the production as well. Moli understands this difficulty, and he laughs at the face of it.

Hailing from Gurgaon, India, Moli is the Jazz/Psychedelic rock musician/Visual artist Anmol Gupta, capable of wonders. Abstraction In The Abyss (Abstraction In The Abyss Live at The Ferris Wheel Studios is the full title) sees Moli as he takes on the challenge of coming up with a whole composition, arranging and producing it while shooting a video of the live performance, all during the period of 12 hours. The piece is instrumental, the highlights are many, but chief among them is the sublime drumming and the harrowing saxophone lines. The composition is as writhing and as intricate as they come, gentle, fluid, and freeform, you can find no verses or choruses or any feasible song structure, rather time that flows and with it, musical ideas flow in abundance, showing the amazing capabilities of the multi-talented Anmol Gupta.

A truly fabulous feat of composition and arrangement, done in limited time to increase the challenge, a challenge that is beat with massive ease by this talented musician.



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