peace in wonderland by TINKR


We invite you to join us on a journey as we take a look back at TINKR’s dream-pop single, “Peace In Wonderland,” which was released in March of 2022.

TINKR is the moniker of English singer/songwriter Jess Tinker who draws inspiration from a variety of artists, including Joy Crookers, SZA, Willow Smith, and Greentea Peng. She began her musical journey as a vocalist in various rock bands before embarking on her solo project while studying music at BIMM.

With the help of Poykin on production, as well as Georgia Bue and Zehra Guler on backing vocals, TINKR delivers a dynamic and laid-back track that she describes as being about “a hopeless romantic who spends half their time daydreaming about people they have only ever met online.” She further explains that the song “outlines the frustration with modern world dating for all us hopeless romantics”. While TINKR’s ability to capture these emotions and express them with her warm and flawless voice is truly impressive.

“Peace In Wonderland” begins with dreamy synth pads that continue to fill the song’s atmosphere, joined by an arpeggiating guitar, drum toms groove, and melodic bells to create a complete and beautiful soundscape.

Overall, “Peace In Wonderland” is a delightful dream-pop single that easily makes its way onto your night drive playlist with its dreamy soundscape and TINKR’s soulful delivery.


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