Moving On – Alternate Version by Tyler Meacham


Tyler Meacham’s latest release “Moving On (Alternate Version)” is a testament to her growth and development as an artist over the years. Originally released in 2019, the alternate version serves as a bonus track on the anniversary edition of “Into the Fray” which is set to be released on March 10th, 2023. The song was born out of a personal experience, detailing the emotional pain of a friend’s break-up as Tyler stated. Despite the unresolved issues and uncertainty hinted at in the lyrics, Tyler encourages herself and her listeners to “Move On” through repetition of the phrase in the chorus, creating a powerful link with her audience through singing along.

“Moving On (Alternate Version)” features a dynamic drum line, melodic guitar lines, ambient synths, and backing vocals with a melodious lead synth in the second verse. Tyler showcases her songwriting talent by creating an individual vibe for each part of the song. Recorded at home and self-produced Tyler slowed down the song a bit, giving it a more dynamic and emotional atmosphere where she demonstrates her amazing vocal ability while creating what she describes as “a refreshed and more mellow feel to it.”

“This new and improved version of the song represents who I am as an artist right now—once again, reaching an ending and moving on to the next chapter in life and in the song,” Tyler said. With “Moving On (Alternate Version)” Tyler Meacham truly proves her development as an artist and her ability to connect with her fans through her relatable and emotive songwriting.