Perception by Bonnie Milne


Bonnie Milne’s intricate, simple, yet rich compositions see her in a comparison with the legendary Richard Clayderman.

The Ontario native, Toronto-based Canadian Bonnie Milne is a songwriter, composer, and musical educator. With a critically acclaimed album already under her belt, titled Anticipation, she hits the airwaves again with a new single, Perception. Let’s take a closer look. 

Written in her signature style, Perception smoothly and eloquently changes the key, introduces strings, removes them, and returns to the key, all while maintaining sweet and reassuring eye contact. The piece manages to travel and discover rich melodic and harmonic worlds without ever sounding challenging or having a single disruptive moment. A fluid, flowing piece of peaceful music. 

The serene strings are worth a deeper dive on their own. Wonderfully arranged and utilized, and used sparingly, the arrangement manages to add a massive value to the context whenever they were playing.

Perception is a deceptively simple, haunting, gorgeous, and soothing piece of Neoclassical music. Masterfully and effectively composed and arranged in its author’s signature style, Perception is as good an introduction into Bonnie Milne’s world as any cut on her acclaimed album.