Fire by ZOE


“Humans have always gathered around the fire. So, in a way, fire becomes the place we are truly known” Said Australian singer/songwriter ZOE upon releasing her first pop-rock single “Fire” written, sung, composed, and produced by ZOE from her upcoming debut EP “Sun “.

“Fire” is considered by ZOE as “the eternal love song” the song contains a beautiful ambient and plucked strings section, a grounding simple drum beat, and a melodic guitar line that emerges at the end of the song, with Zoe painting the lyrics over the music with her expressive voice. Lyrically the song takes the listener on a life-exploring journey. First, she sings about how everyone can find a place to call home in one and how everyone is the same. As ZOE sings “Now we are part of the same fire”, the song takes a unity theme in lines such as “and in the space between us we grow like vines”.



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