Pillow Talkin’ by Ashley Taylor


If New York is the home of Jazz, then LA is the undisputed home of R&B.

Ohio-born Ashley Taylor brings us a stunning new single, ‘Pillow Talkin’’. Inspired by uprooting her life from her hometown to study music at the University of Southern California, it certainly shows maturity, at least musical and rhythmic.

With a sleepy Soul guitar riff, roomy & boomy drums playing non-conventional shuffles, it’s a song that doesn’t necessarily follow the beaten path, but rather chooses to do its own thing and go where it needs to go, and that place is where good R&B music goes.

The featured verse of STC Dano is heartfelt and fresh, the harmonies are well-orchestrated and rich without overpowering the arrangement. The mix is very balanced, with just enough doubling on the vocals and reverb on the instruments.

A simply enjoyable and simple R&B number that’ll be a blast to any fans of the genre. Might have benefited from being a little longer, though, with maybe a more nuanced chorus section, but that’s my personal take, in its current form, it lacks nothing.


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