CCC by OH.Tae


OH. Tae is what would happen when Arlo Parks meets Drake somewhere in the middle. San Antonio, TX gives us OH. Tae, who gives us this hot R&B single. 

Based on a tapestry of angelic choir vocals and trebly hi-hat-led beats. With a direct and heartfelt one-take vocal delivery. And with a bunch of mood-setting atmospheric effects, it’s a gorgeous song with impeccable moods and airy atmospheres, and stunning singing.

Perhaps for me, I’d have appreciated a little more variation within the song, a discernible chorus, a hot hook, or an intelligent bridge to break the monotony, as this song struggles to remain interesting or entertaining to me, personally, with its current lack of elements. 

So to conclude, you may need more than gorgeous vocals and an impeccable atmosphere to create an engaging and fulfilling piece of music, and this song falls in this exact trap. I’d be looking forward to OH.Tae’s coming releases in hope that she’ll eventually reach upwards and unlock all the potential she obviously has.


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