PLASTICHRTZ by Aryan Kapoor


An artist came from Dubai-born Indian “Aryan Kapoor” with induced multi-talented skills in him with a fusion of rap and hip-hop, based in L.A. he produced his own music by himself and created his own song lyrics releasing a new single on the 7th of June, 2022 that is “PLASTICHRTZ.” It went viral on different platforms as it got released along a fashion line and had great growth on TikTok, living through his music to deliver his own messages in various unique ways through his creativity.

Aryan mentioned in one of his interviews that he wants to spreads out his music that give a “babyblue” vibe as he described, and show them that support is out there to the people that are similar to him and make them aware that there are some great opportunities for different growth. Posting a picture quoting “I apologize to everyone. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. Now I know what must be done. Because who else will id I don’t. I found myself and I hope you do too, But if you can’t then I don’t blame you because who wouldn’t know that.” He tried to give out a message through a different and unique way of knowing himself and his origins. It’s different and everyone in the culture.

In his new single “PLASTICHRTZ” he sings along with different aesthetic vibes of rap, hip-hop, and pop that is so different from any other songs he released previously, with juicy vibes creating a piece of fun music that tells us a story through, quoting “I live where I write,” I can see Aryan is growing with a lot of talent that was buried abyss in with leveling up skills of his own and he has a long way to release an awesome potential to a monster level of new buzzing music.

Aryan has gone through making many other singles that are definitely worth being listened to that I went through and can check out “Traumatized,” “THETHINGSILIVEFOR,” “Rolling With You” and “She Don’t Know.” With the immense success that Aryan can give will be known as an awesome music builder.