Powerful by Melina Hazewood


Drawing from a massive catalog of classically-inspired europop, Melina Hazewood’s empowering ballad, aptly titled ‘Powerful’, is a striking display of musicality and is an ode to womanhood that could resonate with anyone with a heart and/or an ear.

The Kent-based British singer and songwriter Melina Hazewood is channeling Belgian giants Hooverphonic, and the fellow British phenomenon Adele on ‘Powerful’, her message to all the women that inspired her. The piano-driven ballad has a strong sound that is led by the ominous and dramatic descending chord progression and is highlighted by Hazewood’s presence and vocal charisma. Most notable on ‘Powerful’ is the striking rhythmic shift between verses and choruses, where the tempo hastens up and becomes more beckoning in a particularly encouraging manner that needs to be experienced, a potent detail that displays on its own the capabilities of Hazewood as a crafter of songs.

With a string arrangement that perfectly accompanies the operatic composition, and a few carefully placed lines of vocal harmonies, ‘Powerful’ comes with a nuanced arrangement that ensures that a single listen will not be enough to fully uncover what the song has to offer. ’Powerful’ is an understated anthem that will easily find its way to so many hearts.