PWR by V of 40M


North Carolina rap group XLM+ is out with a new single “PWR” by artist V of 40M ft. Hippie G and 40M Tye produced by Arab Mxfia, were released on the 12th of December.

“PWR” is a song for the people; a revolutionary power anthem for the 40 million plus African Americans to reclaim their black power.

Politics and rap have had a long intertwined history, with hip-hop artists such as Public Enemy, Tupac, Ice-T, Rage Against The Machine, and many others commentating on politics through their art. The racism in the United States and the oppression of African Americans is not a new topic in this medium, but it is one that needs to be addressed and readdressed through generations of artists as these issues persist.

“PWR” starts with a sample of an arabesque string melody that immediately grabbed my attention. The beat for “PWR” produced by the viral beat maker Arab Mxfia takes notable influences from old school hip hop, boom bap, as well as new wave drill and trap hip hop music.

XLM+ are heavily centered around their political and ideological beliefs and offer more through their art than mere entertainment. These artists are here for real social and political change, and we wish them the liberation and independence they fight for.


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