Martin Luther by V of 40M


A warrior always has an armour and weapon, and for V of 40M, his armour is his bold lyricism, his weapon is his powerful vocals, and the bullets ready to shoot are his dynamic beats. V of 40M’s “Martin Luther” is not just a Hip-Hop track; it’s an epic, stern statement to call for rights.

North Carolina-based rapper V of 40M is no ordinary artist! He doesn’t go for a hit; he goes for a mental revolution. He has a brilliant, savage manoeuvre that shows in his ability to make his notions clear through his well-structured pieces. Collaborating with producer Saint Cardona, he presents his latest explosion, “Martin Luther.”

“Martin Luther” will instantly appeal to you if, like me, you enjoy Hip-Hop music when it depicts a vital cause more than you do when it presents dope beats and a killer performance but hollow content. The song has an upbeat rhythm; however, the overall atmosphere is serious and edgy, which fits the theme best.

Action-packed synths introduce the track to us in a mellow manner that is enough to add thrills from the start. Soon the emerging artist makes an entrance with a smooth yet head-hitting vocal delivery. His raspy vocals are as potent as the message he wants to send, and that adds quite a degree of authenticity. The harmony of the vocal line, synths, and percussion creates an urbane feel that makes the message stand out. The sincere lyricism speaks for many who need to borrow a gutsy voice to claim their rights, just as Martin Luther King Jr. once did and as V of 40M is doing now.

We’re in awe of a very talented rapper who has a vision and distinct artistry. Enjoy “Martin Luther” below, which, as the artist said, will “open your mind and awaken your inner warrior.”


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