Rather Be Me by Jake Aldridge


Jake Aldridge invites us to gain more confidence, face our flaws, embrace them, and be truer to ourselves with his new track “Rather Be Me”.

Everyone wants honesty and when they get it, problems happen. Exercising freedom of speech still comes with a lot of hurt feelings, that’s a lot like what Aldridge does, I loved what he sang on his new track and would even go so far as to say I agree with 95% of him, though about 90% are discussed in Poems of songs that deal with real issues.

What I like about “Rather Be Me” is that Aldridge takes an objectively deep look inside, going so far as to take responsibility for the way he sees things when he sings “I’m impatient…and short-tempered too.” And he’s trying to tell us that if you don’t contribute something positive to the planet in some way or form then “why bother people you don’t even like?” And that’s what many people do whether they are at work or in their daily lives.

Aldridge manages to leave us at the end of the path to make a decision we can be direct and honest, or we can keep everything to the surface and keep things off, or be incredibly likable, but it’s very rare to combine all of this.

“Rather Be Me” is a positively self-motivated track that inspires you to write about philosophy and theories about what life is, to the beats of pop music that make your head spin because it’s played and orchestrated equally smoothly by stringed instruments and drums.

“Rather Be Me” will be released this summer on August 12th, so I invite you to listen to it because it has a lot of live lyrical music that will make you fall in love with it and repeat its name constantly.

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