Spectrum of Life by Roni Rix


A man of many talents, broad taste, and a diverse mind. Roni Rix drops his latest EP “Spectrum of Life” to take us on an emotional journey like no other. The EP has a total of 4 different songs with two versions of “Gotta Love”. Hard Techno is such a specific genre, it’s simply not a song you can hum along with or a melody that’ll repeat in your head all day. It’s also much more than progressive beats that repeat themselves, it evolves, builds up, changes themes and if you surrender your mind and ears to it, it’ll take you on a journey of its own, letting you explore all that the artist is trying to tell you and giving you a high of its own. 

The Russian-based artist started his journey with music as a DJ in local clubs and bars along with being the host of the Line Machine Podcast radio program on the popular Russian radio station Radio Record. Being there allowed him to explore different sounds and express himself through unusual combinations and unknown sounds, resulting in a fresh, futuristic sound that breaks the rules yet abides by them. He broke off from the standard genre restrictions by experimenting with adding elements from different genres like hip-hop and adding more emotions to it. 

Roni Rix is currently one of the best developing artists/producers in the Hard Techno scene and has a strong fan base of over 12K followers on Instagram only. He even occasionally participates in “Hard Line” radio programs, that are broadcast on Radio Reactor. He has gained the support from renowned DJs and artists from the scene like Charlotte de Witte, Cassie Raptor, Marco Carola, Marcel Dune, BITTERCARESS, MOLINO, LETKOLBEN, Feryne, Agata, VI100, Tegron, Siavash, Richie Hawtin, Arkhan, BXTR, Mathreim, and many others. For the hard Techno fans, if you haven’t heard this artist’s music yet, then you’re missing out and for the non-techno fans, keep an open mind, surrender, and enjoy the journey.


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