Reality Spaces by Monochrome Midnight Traveller


With such an iconic name like Monochrome Midnight Traveller…you know you’re in for a treat, both visually and sonically…and they deliver…

Hong Kong based musical and visual artist duo Monochrome Midnight Traveller gives the world “Reality Spaces” from their

debut EP of the same name.

“Reality Spaces” the song also releases with a music video…and as the musical duo’s name might tell us…the music video is in black and white and let me get this out of the way…it has a very strong hypnotizing effect, beware…the visual are awesome…and paired with somber electro synth music…it’s one hell of a multi-sensory approach to music enjoyment…

I literally lost myself watching their music video…I kept staring at the flashing scenes, lights and snippets that make up their video…it’s a wild trip…even though the music is not heavy or filled with bass blasting beats…the music is super effective in creating a sonic world that goes hand in hand with the video.

The video is shot very professionally, with strong and bold visual elements, so does the music too…it’s subtle, but very effective, with the vocals being dreamy…it’s more of a story, it’s a film…it’s an experience.

“Reality Spaces” is a very unique multi-sensory musical experience that is not to be missed.

We wish all the best to the awesome musical duo of Monochrome Midnight Traveller and can’t wait to see what they come up with next…but we’re sure it’s going to be super unique and amazing.