Ride or Die by Amanda Holley


Latest drop from the New York City sensation Amanda Holley sees her return with her distinctive vocal lulls and soulful production, accompanied by a fitting music video that’s well choreographed and directed for a wholesome musical/visual meal.

Based in the Big Apple, originally from Newark, Amanda Holley is a singer and a songwriter whose brand of commercial pop is wholly and truly American. Taking vocal cues from such greats as Britney Spears and Madonna, on ‘Ride or Die’, Holley knows very well how to use her distinctive vocal style to craft an engulfing atmosphere by putting one layer over the other as libs and harmonies, creating a lush texture of voice. Not to mention the cut’s terrific production value, the snappy trap drums, the soul pop flows, chords, and melodies, and the rich mix that effortlessly puts everything together.

‘Ride or Die’ is a good return for the singer and songwriter. Amanda Holley’s sultry, soulful delivery and style is on full drive in this chill, driving groove, and her golden pipes are on full throttle.


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