Remix Kings Mixtape by Steve N Chris


Today’s feature is quite special. We bring to you blood brothers artists Steve N Chris, who debuted on the 4th of February with a pretty cool concept of showcasing their musical skills as a super hip hop and R&B duo. The album is called ‘ Remix Kings Mixtape’, a truly creative way of covering music with a fresh take. Based in Fort Lauderdale, US, Steve n Chris are about to blow your mind with how flexible and authentic they are as they have the courage to remix the music of exceptional artists in the Hiphop scene like  DJ Khaled, Diddy, Babyface, and Metroboomin. The album consists of 9 famous hip-hop tracks, and the duo attempt to cover a small part of the song, usually 2 minutes maximum, just showing what they really can offer to this music industry. Alongside this project, the duo also proceeded with creating their own original song called ‘ Traffik n sex’, featuring Courtney Hamilton that speaks for a cause they believe in and stand for which is anti-human trafficking.

This album is a creative masterpiece because although it may seem like it’s just covered, it’s really not that often you find artists attempting to recreate the lyrics and vibe of rap or hip-hop music and actually recording the song. Steve n Chris really step out of their comfort zone and pull out new and inspiring personas to the already existing music productions of these great artists. Character, vibes, and style in their vocals and performance are so unique they flip the song completely into something new. Also, the changed lyrics and writing of the song to match the feels of the beat and create a  totally different yet relevant context for storytelling to that of the original music is just crazy and highly impressive. Challenging and competitive, this album will raise the bar for any young artists and rappers to really break barriers and believe in what they are doing. 


The soundscape of the album is a variety of hip-hop and R&B beats made by different artists, each with its own unique beat, style, and message. What Steve N Chris brings to the table is a totally different style from the vocals. Every song starts with the R&B sweet and intimate sound, which is also high-key seductive and sexy, and then comes the hardcore rap with strong and harsh vocals. Both of these mix perfectly, giving you the very exciting and dynamic elements you listen to the song ax The flows of the bars are incredible, you will find that there is no breather from how quick and witty the rapping is. Also worth mentioning is that there seems to be an early 2000s rap style in this Duo which makes us feel a little nostalgic. Occasionally you’ll find some small changes in the beat but what is really prominent is the backing vocals that give texture and a very different style that is unique to the duo. Both are emotionally charged, and passionate and really wield all the power to create a distinct narrative and persona to the songs. Steve N Chris possesses great lyrical skills, an incredibly smooth and slick attitude, and ultimately spicy and passionate performance, you’d think that these songs are their own originals.