Too Much by Malibu Hot Flush


Malibu Hot Flush released their newest synth-rock single “Too Much” on all platforms on the 17th of February, from Manchester, United Kingdom.

Malibu Hot Flush are a duo collaboration between singer and guitarist Luigi Tiberio and modular artist Tim Bleasdale. Their latest release “Too Much” is an explosive throwback with modern polish.

“Too Much” borrows inspiration from the popular dance and electronic music of the 80s, but sounds remarkably like the music you would hear in 2023, because of its contemporary improvements to the old-school genre in sound design, guitar tone, and awesome arrangement. “Too Much” is a modern-day renaissance painting for 80s music and a wonderful tribute to the era.

The track is characteristically unique with an otherworldly feeling that comes from the combination of immaculately crafted synth sounds performing suspenseful melodies and the calm appealing vocal performance that is washed with a strange, high-quality, realistic digital reverb.

What impresses me the most about Malibu Hot Flush’s single “Too Much” is the attention to detail and minutiae throughout the track’s entire performance and production, whether it be subtle synths panned right and left, or fleshed-out guitar chords hiding in the mix but building the track and padding its atmosphere. There is a lot of detail in every second of “Too Much” but it’s not too much.

Alongside the release of this single, Malibu Hot Flush announced that they will be performing at the Glastonbury Festival this June, so we’ll be looking forward for an amazing performance by the duo.


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